Hiya Yipsters! I'm Erin - founder, head Yipster, restaurateur and Greek yogurt geek on a mission to share our reimagined yogurt snack with the world!

So what the chip is the deal with Yips?​

I was inspired to create a new snack during very long days of co-owning Parthenon Gyros restaurant, taking business classes at UW Madison, sitting on a bunch of industry boards, volunteering, figure skating and basically stretching myself to the max.​

I wanted an indulgent snack that also had healthy, functional ingredients. Tooting my own horn here, but I make kick-ass yogurt bowls, and wanted to bring them to snack on during the day, but obviously couldn’t carry a fridge with me. Plus, eating with a spoon while on-the-go is annoying. So what to do? Make a portable yogurt chip!​

But how the fork is that even possible?

We started with the richest, creamiest probiotic yogurt, added a little prebiotic honey for sweetness, fruit packed with antioxidants for some tang, energy-boosting, protein-packed chia seeds for crunch and fun. A little this, a little that, some magical crunchification and...BOOM, Yips were born. Yippee!​

When you open a bag of Yips, you'll love that you know exactly what you're putting in your body. And because they’re probiotic, prebiotic, gluten free and non GMO, you'll get the warm and fuzzies knowing you’re doing both your body and mind a favor obsessively scarfing down this tasty snack.​

So there you have it folks, the best of both worlds...happy and healthy. Chip yeah!​

Reimagine your yogurt...and put your lips on these Yips!

All the feels and flavors,


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