What is freeze drying?

What is freeze drying?

Freeze drying is pretty much like magic. Basically, what happens is we freeze our Yips Yogurt Chips to a super low temp, then put them under a vacuum. That vacuum, along with very low levels of heat, removes all the moisture, taking the ice and turning it into a vapor, without passing through the liquid state. See what I mean? Magic!

This process essentially allows the food to stay edible for super long periods of time without needing any refrigeration, assuming it’s packaged properly without oxygen and stored in a cool, dry place. (Side note: we use oxygen absorbers as an extra precaution…don’t eat these…duh!) Oxygen, moisture and light are what spoil foods, so when we remove all of these, we’re left with delicious, healthy yogurt that doesn’t need refrigeration and is so much more fun to eat because it’s crunchy!

Here’s a fun fact for you… TBH, I don’t really know if it’s a fact, but we’re going with it! Supposedly, the Incas invented freeze drying in Peru way up in the Andes. They would store their food high up in the mountains, where the food would freeze and the water in the food would slowly vaporize since there was such low air pressure at high altitudes. Tada…freeze drying!

Here are some other cool things about freeze drying…up to 98% of nutrients are retained throughout the process. Perhaps the best part is that freeze drying requires no preservatives or additives. Yips Yogurt Chips contain only 100% clean, natural ingredients. Shelf life is increased from days to (often) years. Product weight is reduced by at least 50%, which lessens transportation costs. Shelf stable yogurt, like Yips Yogurt Chips reduces reliance on cold chain technology mitigating risk of spoilage and waste, packaging failure, equipment & logistics costs, compliance hurdles and environmental impacts. 

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Image courtesy of HowStuffWorks: https://science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/edible-innovations/freeze-drying2.htm

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